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Prilocaine hyperbar Information

Spinal anaesthesia
Spinal anaesthesia is a neuraxial technique suitable for lower abdominal, perineal, and lower extremity surgeries. It provides deep and fast surgical block through the injection of small doses of local anaesthetic solutions into the subarachnoid space.

Easy and Reliable
Spinal anaesthesia is an easyand reliable anaesthetic tecnique.

Takipril® is the ideal local anaesthetic for short duration surgery under spinal Anaesthesia.
The local anaesthetic choice is the key point to optmize spinal anaesthesia.

  Spinal Anaesthesia is associated with Transient Neurologic Symptoms (TNS)
The short spinal

Due to its Block Profile and the Lower Incidence of TNS Takipril® is an optimal alternative for short procedures (45-90 min).

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