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Chloroprocaine HCl Information

Developed for Spinal Anaesthesia

As the shift towards ambulatory surgery continues, the interest in drugs for outpatient spinal anaesthesia also increases. Preservative free 1% chloroprocaine HCl is the ideal anaesthetic for spinal anaesthesia in ambulatory surgery patients. 1% chloroprocaine HCl provides rapid onset of action, adequate potency, predictable short duration and a low incidence of TNS and systemic side effects.

Predictable duration 1% Chloroprocaine HCl
*Significant versus other treatment/group
Casati A, Danelli G, Berti M, Fioro A, Fanelli A, Benassi C, et al. Intrathecal 2-chloroprocaine for lower limb outpatient surgery: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, clinical evaluation.
Anesth Analg 2006; 103: 234-8.

Safe Spinal
1% chloroprocaine HCl proved to be a safe drug, with a very low liability to induce cardiotoxic effects, due to its broad margin of safety and due to its rapid metabolisation (ester hydrolysis) after systemic resorption following regional application for nerve blocks. Transient neurologic symptoms are observed less frequently than with lidocaine.

Fast Anaesthesia
1% chloroprocaine HCl is endowed with better characteristics as a local anaesthetic for short duration surgery in comparison with 0.5% bupivacaine.

*Significant versus other treatment/groupClinical trial registration number: EudraCT 2007-00968-25

Spinal bupivacaine and peripherical nerve blocks prolonged discharge time vs TIVA but 1% chloroprocaine HCl is faster!
*Total intravenous anesthesia, spinal anesthesia or combined sciatic-femoral nerve block for outpatient knee arthroscopy. Casati A, Cappelleri G, Aldegheri G, Marchetti C, Messina M, De Ponti A. Minerva Anestesiol. 2004 Jun;70(6):493-502.**EudraCT 2007-00968-25

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